RAF Red Arrows - Image © Paul Johnson/Flightline UK

RAF Red Arrows – Image © Paul Johnson/Flightline UK

The world famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, will be flying high at both days of this year’s Clacton Airshow.

The team is the highlight of any event and has confirmed its place in the line-up for August 27 and 28.

A Union flag-inspired design has been retained on the Hawk jets, reflecting British excellence.

The makeover will be seen by millions of people when the Red Arrows display both at home and overseas during 2015.

Complete with flowing red, white and blue lines, the design emphasises the team’s important role as a global ambassador for the United Kingdom and Royal Air Force.

The team comprises fast jet pilots, engineers and support staff with frontline, operational experience and is a regular visitor to Clacton.

Squadron Leader David Montenegro, who will lead the team as Red 1 for the first time this year, said: “The new tailfin perfectly illustrates the spirit of the Red Arrows – representing the UK, our engineering excellence and the continuing capability of the Royal Air Force to protect our skies.”

Last year, the Red Arrows celebrated their 50th season, performing more than 80 displays across the UK and in nine other countries.

The milestone was marked with a special, one-off tailfin design on its aircraft, replacing the familiar three-stripe livery the team’s jets had flown since the 1960s.

Now, instead of returning to this original paint scheme following the season-long 50th pattern, the new Union flag design has been adopted for the future.

As the public face of the Royal Air Force, the Red Arrows assist with recruiting into the Service, contribute to defence diplomacy and support wider national interests by representing the United Kingdom and its industry.

Nigel Brown, Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager, said that flight fans will be delighted that the Red Arrows will be appearing both days at Clacton.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you see the display it is a truly fantastic spectacle which never disappoints,” he said.

“The Red Arrows are a vital element of any major airshow and they can be sure of a warm welcome from the crowds at Clacton.

“We will be announcing more aircraft performing at our event over the coming weeks and we can promise some big names in the line-up.”

The thrills will continue into the Bank Holiday weekend this year with a Food and Drink Festival for the first time on August 29 and 30.

Anyone wanting information about sponsorship opportunities, hospitality, or trade space at Clacton Airshow 2015 should contact 01255 686683 or 01255 686654.